The project

Tuenda® was born and raised within the University of Bologna (Italy), to give a new chance to those who have a new lifestyle: the search for a sustainable, external, outer beauty that reflects and respects the inner one, thanks to choices that do not involve pain, or sacrifice or wastes, both for themselves and for the environment. So, the search for our own beauty, assume the contours of freshness, sincerity, youth and authenticity. Tuenda proposes a model of beauty in continuous balance between its ethical and its aesthetic components. Inner and outer beauties start living a new era of harmony with Tuenda, that reflects in daily relationships and in the every day social life. Tuenda looks at the future, starting from the deepest roots. It is addressed to those who want to feel better and to experience a sense of inner well-being, in order to be able to have a better perception of themselves. All this, only through the respect of raw materials, and a clean and smooth approach, free of pain. Our nature is not to steal the world’s beauty, giving it to those who feel the need, but to replicate the world’s beauty on their skin and on their face.


A new, possible world. We protect your skin health with a new style: non-invasive and painless certified medical procedures, natural active ingredients, which respect the human and environmental physiology. To us you are a unique spirit, who chooses to bloom his own inner beauty with Tuenda. Tuenda means to possess and control the medical and technical knowledge.

Strategy Consultancy

Tuenda® offers strategy-consulting services aimed at developing innovative solutions to improve companies’ performance level.


Tuenda® designs and develops medical studies and spa centres.

Our Certification

The Tuenda® products quality is certified by the most important national and international bodies,
thus guaranteeing full protection of our Clients.


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