Over time, the loss of our body's natural energy charge and environmental factors, such as sun exposure, are responsible for skin ageing.

Based on the triggering causes, ageing can be distinguished in:

Chrono-ageing -intrinsically caused by the loss of the natural energy charge of our body over time, with a consequent reduction in the number of cells (fibroblasts) and decrease in their regeneration, support and nourishment of the skin.

Photoageing - - due to environmental factors (extrinsic), which increase the formation of oxygen free radicals and the reduction of antioxidant substances. Exogenous factors can be: alcohol, drugs, smog, environmental pollutants, smoke, exposure to the sun. There are three stages of ageing: preventive level, medium level and severe level.

Photorejuvenation - antiageing treatment with KEEP photobiostimulation medical device.


The functioning principle of KEEP photo-rejuvenation means that the treatment is completely non-invasive, painless and natural for all stages of skin ageing.

The wavelengths, emitted by latest-generation LEDs, are absorbed by target cells and chromophores of the skin, called photo-receptors. This triggers a set of primary mechanisms, which, in turn, reactivate skin biological processes, without causing dangerous and irreversible reactions. The light on RED crosses the skin up to the dermis, skin layer composed of fibroblasts, mast cells, nutrients and collagen and elastin fibres; here, it stimulates the fibroblasts to proliferate and produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin fibres, reticular fibres, glycoproteins. The skin becomes more compact, toned, luminous and elastic; wrinkles are prevented and a reduction is caused. The INFRARED light, on the other hand, manages to reach the deepest tissue in the skin and stimulate the cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration in cases of deep skin ageing. In addition to stimulating the cells in their activity and their proliferation, the light on the infrared, increasing the blood circulation, allows to create an environment conducive to cell proliferation, in favour of a tissue repair and an advanced and deep skin rejuvenation. Based on the different stages of ageing, in collaboration with the University, Tuenda has devised treatment protocols, in order to perform effective preventive, medium and severe photo-rejuvenation treatments. These results have been summarised in the KEEP certified treatment protocols, available to the operator through a dedicated APP signed by Tuenda

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