With the Tuenda method it’s now possible to go back to a medical and prescriptive approach, for the improvement of various imperfections of the face skin. Through four steps in succession, the patient receives a highly qualified and unique service from the professional, who consciously guides the patient towards the solution of her/his personal imperfection.



Thanks to SKINCAD 3D, a non-invasive, instrumental system, the patient receives a thorough personalized analysis, and both an outpatient and homecare protocol. In addition, the patient receives the "identity card" of her/his skin from the professional, thus having a clear and visible idea of the health condition of her/his face.



The patient receives a customized solution to solve the specific imperfection, thanks to the professional’s high competence and also thanks to the Ambulatory and Homecare care path, suggested by the non-invasive skin analizer. The Tuenda method underlines the attention dedicated by the professional to the patients, through the search of the best solutions for their health, and it is a valuable tool for their awareness and safety.



The Outpatient Protocol helps to improve a number of the face skin problems, thanks to Keep, a new Photobiostimulation system. Through innovative energy sources, which are directly transmitted by non-invasive LED light sources, guided by Tuenda certified protocols, the patient can improve various face skin blemishes. The patient has now the opportunity to choose totally non-invasive treatments, without any contact and recovery time, and with maximum hygiene and safety.



The Tuenda method is integrated and completed by a homecare protocol, thanks to a dedicated range of dermo-cosmetics (creams and concentrates). The entire line of Tuenda skin cosmetics contains Fibroblast Growth Factors, with + 80% of natural ingredients. The line includes a range of creams useful for the various imperfections of the face skin and a range of concentrates that are extensively used during outpatient treatments and, in combination with the matching creams, during home treatments.

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