Impure Skin


An overproduction of sebum, hinders the activity of the protective layer of our skin, inducing the formation of skin impurities.

To protect our skin from attack by bacteria and impurities, and make it simultaneously elastic, soft and hydrated, the sebaceous glands produce sebum, an essential component of the protective layer of our epidermis (hydro-lipid film). However, intrinsic causes (genetic predisposition, hormonal alterations) and extrinsic (drugs, diseases, unregulated nutrition, unsuitable cosmetics) can stimulate a hyperfunctionality of the sebaceous glands with consequent uncontrolled and excessive production of sebum, ending up hindering the transpiration of our skin, and create an ideal environment for the proliferation of micro-organisms responsible for inflammation and unpleasant odours. The result is an impure skin (oily skin), characterised by the possible presence of blackheads (blackheads, white points), pimples, dilated pores, and an appearance that is dull, rough, oily and glossy, or sometimes even dehydrated and dry. There are different types of oily skin:

OILY FAT SKIN: Overproduction of relevant sebum, but not yet extraordinary. The skin looks oily and shiny, with very dilated pores.

SEBORROIC GREASY SKIN: The hyperfunctionality of the sebaceous glands becomes pathological: the excess sebum dilates the follicle walls; the dilation of the pores is such as to give the skin an "orange peel" appearance.

FAT NON-BREATHABLE SKIN: The sebum is waxy and dense, and remains trapped in the follicles, causing the obstruction; within their cellular debris is deposited and bacteria grow, which originate the so-called comedone (black point or white dot). Since the sebum is not poured out on the outside, the skin does not appear oily and greasy, but tends to be dry and rough to the touch. At this level there is also hyperkeratosis, that is a thickening of the superficial layer of the epidermis.

IMPURE SKIN AND ACNEIC TENDENCY: this variant of oily skin is different from the previous ones for the formation of papules and pustules.

MIXED SKIN: Skin characterised by the presence of oily areas, impurities and dry and rough areas.

Against the impurities of the skin - the purifying treatment with

KEEP photobiostimulation medical device.


Taking advantage of medical LEDs, KEEP naturally stimulates the natural mechanisms of our skin in a natural, non-invasive and painless way, reducing impurities, oiliness and dryness.

Who is subject to oily skin is more predisposed to the onset of acne forms, seborrheic dermatitis and androgenetic alopecia. For this reason, treatments aimed at the sebum-normalisation of the skin, the elimination of skin bacteria, the reduction of dilated pores and the re-hydration of the skin, can contribute not only to the improvement of the aesthetic appearance, but also to the prevention and to improve the future health condition of our skin.

Light on the BLUE of KEEP exerts a sebum-normalising, moisturising, antibacterial and purifying action, with results of reduction of impurities, visible already from the first session; at the same time, for the most severe forms of oily skin, the combination of light on blue with light on RED allows the inflammatory states of the skin to be relieved, stimulating the activity of anti-inflammatory cells.


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