SKINCAD 3D is the technological, instrumental, non-invasive system, to check your skin analysis. To have a good knowledge of your skin condition can provide an analysis of the skin blemishes, to reach the correct prescription skincare. The risk of using equipment or methods with no instrumental capability of analysis, leads to a limited possibility to objectively identify problems and solutions, or, in some cases, even to an aggravation of the skin blemish. The objective of the Tuenda skin analyzer is to give a Complete and Customized Analysis and of the face skin blemishes and to indicate the cure. SKINCAD 3D uses image analysis algorithms typical of Bio-Engineering, which make the skin diagnostic system accessible and easy, avoiding to relegate it to pure research. The diagnostic Tuenda tool evolution has resulted in a greater measure of objectivity and in a quantitative description of the analyzed parameter. Through an image processing system and the use of specific diagnostic tools related to the skin parameter, you can make a full and multi-parametric skin assessment (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis).

The analysis of the skin analyzer Tuenda system concerns:

  • Skin profilometry (wrinkles / scars analysis)
  • Stratum corneum Hydration
  • Colorimetric evaluation of skin discoloration (spots / spider veins)
  • Stratum corneum exfoliation
  • Diameter of the sebaceous ducts (pore dilatation)
  • Production of sebum
  • Skin laxity
The analysis Summary Report shows the custom condition of all measured parameters and provides a prescriptive document that describes in details both the evaluation of the state of the skin, and the full protocol which includes the kind of professional cosmetics, the type of treatment with the application frequency and the indications of the cosmetics for home care.


SKINCAD 3D enables the 3D reconstruction of an image through the detection of a 10X OPTICAL MICROSCOPE. The wrinkle profilometry refers to the indices of surface roughness (Ra, Rq, RKU, Rsk, Rv, Rp, Rt).


The measurement of the stratum corneum skin hydration is carried out by means of a corneometer which measures, by means of a capacitive sensor, the impedance of the stratum corneum. Thanks to the ease of use, the impedance value can be measured for the different areas of the face (Forehead, Eye and Lip contour). The SKINCAD 3D allows to have either an analysis for face areas or the average value of hydration of the stratum corneum.


The analysis is effected by a video microscope with polarized light. The analysis assesses the skin discoloration in the CIE Lab color coordinate system.


The method proposed by SKINCAD 3D is non-invasive (no stripping) even in this phase. It identifies and quantifies the corneocytes in the process of detachment from the stratum corneum.


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